Another beach race under his belt and a new one to add to the collection.


Todd has never attended the Weymouth Beach Race before, so wasn't aware of what we were going in for but both Todd and team mate, Milko Potisek decided any races before the championship starts would be a bonus. 


Unfortunately a very horrible accident happened lap 1 of the expert practice leaving a marshal severely injured. We are unaware of his injuries at this time but we hope for the best possible outcome for him and his family. Are thoughts are with them all at what is most likely going to be a difficult road ahead. 


Understandably the racing was then delayed by approx 2 hours and started with dead engines. Unfamiliar of dead engine starts for both Todd and Milko, in Race 1, Todd attempted to start in gear and unfortunately it didn't start. Todd pushed hard in the first 2 laps to come back through the riders upto 5th, soon made his way to 2nd position and pushed hard to try and gain some time on Milko but unfortunately a collision with another rider half way through made it impossible. 


Quick turn around in-between races meant Todd was pretty much back on to the line within 20 minutes. This time starting in Neutral. Todd's bikes started straight away and he set off down the beach in 2nd place but completed lap 1 in 1st position. Milko made a pass on Todd at the half way mark and Todd rode smart to stay with him and keep the pressure on. With 2 laps to go, Todd put the hammer down and put an excellent battle between himself and Milko, taking the win with only 2 corners to go! 


We are really happy with the result but more importantly, we are happy to get another race alongside Milko and the team before Round 1 of the championship next weekend! We loved the 2019 Weymouth Beach Race and will definitely be back again in the future!