Todd makes the move to France in July!

Todd and his now Fiancee, Lucy are making the move to France on SUNDAY!


They will be making the move to live in France until February 2021. After having spent the last 3 months in lockdown and sheltering due to to Lucy's health conditions, they felt it was the best option to give Todd the opportunities to be 100% ready for the beach race season should it go ahead.


With Todd's main focus being the French CFS sand championship during the winter months, the big worry was that he wasn't going to be able to get to France in time to start testing etc. So after talks with Yamaha France, the decision was made that they would move 2 months earlier than planned to make sure they were in the country and settled before testing need to take place ready for the championship to start in October. 


In the mean time, Todd will be racing the YZ450 in the French Elite Motocross Championship before heading into the Beach races. 

They totally understand this isn't great news for the UK sponsors, However with no racing confirmed yet in the UK, they feel the publicity and social media opportunities are better if Todd can get back racing ASAP wether that be here in the UK or over in France. They also have to think ahead and make sure they are as organised as they can be and be ready for what matters most to them. 2021 Le Touquet!