2021 Le Touquet is CANCELLED!

The new we have all been dreading... the 2021 Le Touquet and CFS championship has been cancelled due to COVID-19. 

Not the news we wanted but behind the scenes we were probably quite lucky. Unfortunately Todd was hit by another rider whilst training on Christmas Eve, leaving him with an injured leg. For those of you that know, It was the other leg to which he broke in September so was a concern but never the less, we strapped it up and Todd continued to train whilst having physio every other day. When we were given the news regarding the races, we got him straight into a specialist at the hospital and it was confirmed that Todd had actually sustained a broken Tib & Fib. So, we will now return home to the UK, where he will now have some time off the bike to allow both legs time to fully recover and be back to full strength. 

Once we have both legs back unto full strength, Todd will spend the summer racing selected events and enjoying his racing. The winter is a tough few months, so the summer is his down time that he can choose where and when he races.

All being well, Todd plans to attend round 1 of the British MX Nationals in the UK at Fatcat on the 30th May and then at Round 1 of the French Elite MX Championship at Ernée on the 6th June. After this we will see how restrictions are with travel etc before making further plans.