The GNCC races are something Todd has never done before and never experienced anything like it before. The races are 'hare n hound' style race with a duration of 3 hours but in very narrow tracks in a deep forest. 

Round 2 of the 2020 GNCC championship was held at Wild Boar in Florida, a sandy ground with big swamps and lots of trees. Dead engine start wasn't a success for Todd, after the bike not starting straight away but he soon got going and started chasing the pack of riders. 


Todd quickly found out that trees don't move no matter how fast you hit them. After spending a good hour struggling to find a rhythm he soon got into the race and and started to enjoy it. Unfortunately we had to complete 2 pit stops due to the size of the tank on a standard bike and the other riders completed 1, so this left the gap between Todd and the top 4 very strong riders, too big to do anything about.


However, he kept pushing forward in the very high humidity to complete the race in 5th XC1 and 10th overall. This left Todd the first 450 Yamaha across the line and the first European rider to finish top 10 at their first attempt of a GNCC race. 

The humidity was definitely a struggle for Todd, multiple riders unfortunately didn't make it to the finish line and were seeking medical attention for dehydration and exhaustion. Todd pushed hard to get his YZ450F supplied by Yamaha USA across the finish line before passing out and suffering of the same situations shortly after. 


We were very happy with the result and very grateful of the opportunity! We would definitely look to go back in the future. 

A big thank you to Yamaha Europe and USA for making it happen, and to the guys at AM-PRO Yamaha for all the help leading up to the event. Good luck for the rest of the season!!