NEW sponsor

June 2019

We are very grateful of any support we are given and are forever welcoming new businesses on board. 

Todd is now very pleased to have support from the very well known EcoMaxx Fuels! Todd has been having some very good battles with both EcoMaxx riders this year and even tho they are rivals on the track, there is a lot of respect for one another off the track. 

Todd has been spending some time with Kras and the EcoMaxx guys at the rounds and has built a very good relationship. 

Wim (Team director) contacted Todd after his outstanding ride in Portugal with an injury and said what credit he would be to them. They were very impressed with the commitment of both Todd and Lucy and felt they would be an excellent rider/team to represent the EcoMaxx Logo. 

Todd looks forward to working with Wim and the members of EcoMaxx moving forward!