Round 1 - MX Nationals @ Fatcat Motoparc

So, a trip to Fatcat Motoparc in Doncaster for Todd over the bank holiday weekend for Round 1 of the British MX Nationals Championship. 


We took both the YZ450 and YZ250 2 stroke, just in case Todd couldn't take to the track on the beach race bike, we had back up. However, we had a steady weekend with some positive results. The plan was to get some starts, have some fun and try and see the top 10 finishes.


Saturday was a 450 only class, this was made up of 20x Pro riders and 20x Experts. Qualifying went as we expected... 11th, not an outstanding ride but having not been to the track since March 2019 and not having done a qualifying session since August 2020... It was enough to give him an ok start position. 


2x Average starts Saturday made the race more difficult for Todd, with very hot temperatures and quite a dangerous track, we took things steady. Race 1,Todd rode within his comfort zone for 6th place. Race 2, again an average start so made some passes early on before settling down and bringing home 5th position. This gave him 4th overall for the day. 


Sunday, was a fastest 40 class. So this was your fastest 20 from the Saturday 250s and your fastest 20 450s from the Saturday out together. Unfortunately, we didn't realise this was done on your qualifying position and one rider from each class at a time. Therefore Todds 11th position in qualifying on the Saturday, actually gave him 22nd gate pick for the Sunday. Not ideal, but actually it did him a favour. By going to the line that far back, Todd was a lot further to the outside on the start line, he took the pressure off himself because "a good start wasn't possible from there". 2x Very strong starts from the outside left him inside the top 4 in both races. 


Race 1, Todd had a good battle with GP rider, Dylan Walsh for 3rd position before having a small crash and finding himself extremely hot and back in 5th position. It took him a few laps to settle back in but he made his way back up to 4th position and catching 3rd place Walsh again before a big crash for Dylan led to a red flag. Todd was allocated 3rd position at the end of the race and ready for the last race. 


Race 2, again a strong start and a comfortable ride. Todd managed to get himself into a comfortable 3rd position and ride a very sensible race for 3rd overall. 


This was his first ever MX1 Pro podium.


After the result the weekend, Todd has now decided to change plans and head to Hawkstone Park on Saturday 19th June 2021 for Round 2 of the MX Nationals. Having not trained for motocross for over 2 years, we were pleasantly surprised with his pace and he would like to give it another go on a track hes more comfortable on. 


This is only for fun, the beach races are his main priority but if he can do some races in the UK for his english supporters, then we will. 


Todd will be at Round 1 of the French MX Championship this weekend at the GP circuit of Ernee. Having looked at the entry list, its basically a GP. Lots of the GP boys are attending in preperation for the first round of the world championships next week in Russia. So expectations are very low. We will go, have fun and gain some experience should we ever be in a position to do a GP event in the future.