Round 1 of the Europeans - Matterly Basin

April 2019

Mega weekend!!

Qualification was difficult, Todd felt comfortable, looked really smooth but unfortunately the bike power was not on his side. It was quite clear that Todd was loosing a lot of time on the fastest/flattest parts of the track. We knew the bike was going to be slow, but we didn’t expect Todd to ride the bike quite so well, meaning it became a problem. 

Todd came round turn 1 in 15th. Todd finished lap 1 in 8th before soon working his way forward, finishing the race in 4th position. This was like a win in our eyes, after a very difficult season last year, Todd felt he had finally given everyone around him something back to say thank you and to show what he is capable of. 

Race 2, slightly better start but still not perfect meant a difficult race ahead. Todd completed lap 1 in 12th but soon started making passes. Unfortunately being held up by a few riders meant Todd crossed the finish in 6th position.

This meant Todd was close but too far away from his first ever European podium!!! He drew on points for 3rd position leaving him 4th overall. 

Due to missing the podium by soo little, Todd and his girlfriend, Lucy, have decided they will do all it takes to get Todd to the next round of the European championship in Italy.