Round 2 of the French Sand championship was definitely a difficult one! The first endurance race of the season was always going to be tough for the riders but the track was brutal too! We had been informed by other riders before the event that it was probably the worst one on the calendar due to there being no straight away. Therefore, the riders don't get a breather at all. It was very physical and very challenging for the bikes but we are happy with P5 for Todd. 


Todd had an excellent start completing the first lap inside the top 3, used his head and rode sensible to avoid too many mistakes and crashes! Todd then road very tense for about 30mins, he used all the film in his goggles, tensed up and got arm pump. We pitted for the first time at the 1 hour mark and reset. New set of goggles, quick chat of where he was in relation to a few other riders and off he went. 


A different rider, the track was now rough and this is when Todd came in to his own. He had a good hour, making ground on the front pack of riders and braking a gap between himself and the group of riders behind. Leaving him in a comfortable position when making the 2nd pit stop. We are happy with Todd's speed we have just got the get the first hour right so the front runners don't get the gap on him. 


2nd pit stop went well, no problems but Todd was feeling the brutal conditions through his back. He had a good gap behind and would have to have some really good laps to catch and overtake Cam Chap in front so we settled for P5.


Todd was happy with his position but a little disappointed that he had the bad 30 mins towards the start of the race. But, he now sits P4 in the championship and has had 2consistent results at the first 2 rounds so its positive. Everyone is happy and we all know Todd can do better, he can have a podium but it will take time and we accept that.