Round 5 of the Europeans - Kegums, Latvia

June 2019

Todd likes the track at Kegums and has rode there for the last 3 years in the previous European rounds. Unfortunately, we had experienced some issues with the very short start straight leading into a 180 right first turn (no rear brake) in previous years. Only ever making it round the 1st turn once our of 4 races!

Race 1, Todd was very concerned about not making it round the first turn, he had a steady start completing lap 1 in 11th before very shortly working hard and gaining 5 positions in 2 laps, leaving him 6th for 2 laps. Still looking strong and pushing hard, Todd finished race 1 in 3rd position with very close rival Lusbo #62 on his tail from start to the finish. 

Unfortunately Todd's main concern of the first turn proved why. A very strong start before another rider came in hard on the front end of Todd left him with no option but to brake. With it being a right hand turn, it meant the front brake was the only option. As Todd his the floor, it left Mike Kras (a good friend and rival) no where to go other than use Todd as a "Ski Jump". 2 other riders hitting Todd before he was able to move and get up safely. Todd was solo to crash so meant he was completely last. Todd was 27 seconds down the rider in front of him by the time he was able to get back on the bike and set off. Yet again he rode his heart out and proved the determination he has to do his sponsors, family and country proud. Todd rode hard all race leaving him 5th over the chequered flag!