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Todd's Bio

Forename:              Todd 

Surname:                Kellett

Nicknames:             Toddy K, Fuzz, TK

D.O.B:                        02-04-1997

Nationality:             British

Favourite Food:     Indian

Favourite Drink:    Tea or Diet Coke

Discipline:            Professional Beach Race Rider / Barber

Current Team:       Official Drag'on Tek Yamaha

Todd has always been a well known rider for his grit and determination. Todd started racing at the age of 6, but had been on wheels previous. Through Todd's motocross career, he has built a very strong reputation of being one of the best British "all rounder" on 2 wheels.

Todd is now a professional off road motorcyclist, on and off the track! He has now signed a 2 year deal with the official Yamaha France team and will be competing in the French CFS Beach race championships until 2022.